Any fluent/Native German speakers? I need help with this sentence in bad german?

Ich glaube zu wissen, Redewendungen aus einer Fremdsprache machen es interessanter. Das Verständnis Idiome bedeutet, dass Sie mit und die Sprache zu verstehen, eher wie ein Muttersprachler würde bist. Es gibt auch einen Einblick in Kultur und Geschichte. Das macht Idiome so wichtig zu lernen, weil sie nicht direkt übersetzt werden kann.

I think knowing idioms from a foreign language make it more interesting. Understanding idioms means you're using and understanding the language more like a native speaker would. It also gives insight into culture and history. This is what makes idioms so important to learn, because they cannot be directly translated.


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  • Ever heard of google translate

  • Google translate is not going to do the homework for you.

    • Excuse me? I actually put effort into my work but I am not a native speaker so I need help. If you can't give it then I suggest you fuck off

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    • Why would you go through that much effort...

    • Troll... you did translate it