Just a bit of fun?

Today's been a sad day today for me and a friends have had to leave Our voluntary roles today as they claim there is too many volunteers.

anyway i have really got into playing harvest moon on my 3ds and I wondered how many gaggers like or have played harvest moon games on 3ds/ds/wii or another Nintendo device or console such as the play station as I know they have been on them.

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  • I want a 3DS just to play the Zelda games.


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  • I've always been a sony guy ever since they took out the gameboy advance function in the DS. Not to mention the wii I had broke with a bad disc drive and not functioning cooling system :(

    • I was not over surprised when they got rid of backwards comparability with the DS XL it's the way nintendo has always worked Sony did the same after ps2 only euro PS3's never supported ps2 games except for very expensive 60gb unit and ps4 stopped PS3 games like the vita stopped use of umds

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