BLACK people, why do guys hate fox news?

i dont get why u guys hate fox news... well black American, when i say black ppl!


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  • Same reason why white people hate fox news - it's a bunch of regressive bullshit propaganda. Except black people have even more reason to hate it because, unlike white people, they actually have to FEAR the influence that fox has on American culture. Literally, they are KILLED by the exact type of people who worship fox news.

    • oh white people too hate fox news? im not amrican but, when i watch vids on youtube and read comments its always black people hating fox news

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    • what?


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  • I actually support Fox News. I myself am a conservative. Although of course that's not to say I blindly follow all of their policies. For example I fully support gay marriage, BUT anyone should be able to refuse anyone any service for any reason, including race, religion, and sexual orientation. On the other hand I believe you should be able to fly the Confederate flag, BUT not on any government building.

    • good statement here

    • Thank you. That's not at all what I was expecting, haha. I thought the first comment would be about how I supposedly hate gay people and black people.

    • haha nah man all is good

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  • I'm not black, but I think it's cuz fox news is full of shit. No, I'm not liberal

  • Cause fox news is republcan biased religious right morons that say the worst lies and get called out by the freakin Daily Show on every moronic tale they tell. And no I'm not black.

  • Another one... Am I not meant to answer since I'm not black?

    • another one what you mean? never said u can't answer, go ahead and answer dude :)

    • There was this girl addressing questions just to black people, and got mad because I answered... But anyways...

      Fox news doesn't just tell you what happened ("the news"), they tell you what they believe will come of it like their opinions were a facts, and then they tell you how to feel about it.

      They pretty well invariably side with the republicans, and then have the nerve to call it "fair and balanced"

      They seem to be working with a whole different set of "facts" than everyone else is using

      And Bill O'Reilly... I fucking hate Bill O'ReO'Reilly...

    • oh haha anyone can answer:) and aha i see, yeh bill oreily always gets mad.. I don't know but when i watch him in youtibe he's seem pretty much angry XD

  • same reason white people (with a brain) hate it. It's nothing but fear mongering and propaganda.

  • its kinda anoying you say "black people" really

    i think a lot of people dont like because it tells the other side of the story.