What's the hardest philosophic question u got in ur mind?

There r lots of questions we don't want to ask about, or we don't like to know about... but sometimes we need to open our minds a little. ..


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  • Every week at bible study we have to tell the group what God is doing in my life and I don't know what to say cause I don't want to repeat the answers I gave the weeks before. So I guess the hardest question for me is answering what God is doing in my life.

    • Just say 'Absolutely nothing'.

      Its kind of sad that you would undermine your own sucess and achievements and give all the credit to a magic space pixie who may or may not exist,

    • No not what he's doing in my life, from you the will and from him the power
      Look, i don't think got is controlling you to walk on the right path or the wrong path in your life, there are lots of non believers having a successful and wonderful life, so what will be your answer for that..
      You are controlling your self to do good or bad things but he's giving you the power to do it whatever it is good or bad, if you want to kill someone it's your will and he will help you with it, if you want to be good it's your will and he will help you with it, if you don't want to believe in him it's your will and he will help you with it to the limit you hate it when you hear the word god, if you want to believe it's your will and he will help you with it to the limit you be like a prophet. .. so it's not him controlling you it's you controlling your self by his hands..
      So when they ask you the next time don't say what god is doing in my life, you better say what god is doing with me in my life..

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  • I am still stuck on the "Meaning of Life" question.


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  • If God created man first then why do men have nipples?

    • I dont think he said men, i think he said male, and from male he created female, man isn't male, man is a human but male could be an animal or an atom, and maybe from one atom he made other things, if u don't know it's called the Dichotomy theory, plus he said he made everything from water and no living creature can live without water, if u put the pieces here u may need the evolution theory, that theory which says once u need to wear tight pants u need to get thinner, means that u should get some changes when the environment u live in change, it could be a good change or a bad one...
      So for better understanding i don't think god created us to be like what we are now from the very beginning of life, there are many calculations we've gone through to be us.. now, and nipples was there but with the time things happen or change or disappear. .. and u do know that nipples improve men sexual abilities, so it's not only for milking, but ask ur self a question. . who's making the calculations?

    • Not to sound rude for correcting you but, an atom is not a living thing, nor does it have a sex. I just wanted to point that out. Sorry, I use man and male interchangeably in conversation, I meant man as in human or mammal males. I do however get the gist of what you're trying to say.

    • I said atom is the basic principle of living things, i didn't say it's alive plus.. look, everything's made of atoms and when i said male could be an atom i meant atoms could be in every thing..
      And nothin rude of wt u said, answer the way u like or correct me if u got me wrong...

  • Nothing.. I don't even understand myself


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  • If you are a security officer at a Samsung store, does that make you a Guardian Of The Galaxy?

  • When does the life of one person mean more than your own?