I'm really insecure?

I'm insecure about a few things.

First, I'm pear shaped and I'm always too scared to go to the beach or do certain sports because of it. Whenever I go to the beach with friends (or family) people always steal at me really awkwardly (don't tell me it's all in my head because I can actually see them). My friends always start acting really weird and awkward around me too. It just makes me want to bury myself in the sand so no one can see.

Second, I always feel inferior to people. It's really frustrating. Like I'm fine asking professors at uni for help but I don't feel like I can have a friendly conversation with them.

Third, I'm not good at anything. I've tried several different sports and things but I suck at all of them. And like I said earlier, because I'm pear shaped I don't feel like I can participate in a lot of sports. By the way I like sports, I'm just not good at them.


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  • Doesn't this mean you simply have a big booty and a small bust? I bet you could play sports if you wanted to. I had a girl like that on my cross country team. She was a damn good runner.

    • It means you have really wide hips too. So I can't wear tight clothes.

    • I don't see why not. I actually think that cross country girl was kind of hot. And she weighed as much as me.

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  • First your shape. My family have always been naturists. Naturists are all shapes and sizes. No one gives a toss what you look like. It's not important. Put on your cozzy, go on the beach and say sod it, I'm going to enjoy myself. That will surprise everyone and they will be pleased for you!

    Now sport. Both my bro, Squirt, and I are very fit but we both loath competitive sport. We prefer just to go walking and jogging for our own benefit. Same with dinghy sailing. We both prefer to "Ditch crawl" up the creeks near where we live.

    Lastly it isn't important to be the best in what you do. You don't even have to be good. You just have to enjoy what you do. Life's not a competition, it's for enjoying!

    So put on that cozzy and go and have fun!


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  • I am insecure too because i am ugly


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  • Sounds like you're sickly obsessed with your body and it holds you back in doing things in life. That's really bad. A pear-shaped figure is actually one of the most preferred body shapes and it actually looks very feminine. Ofcourse you don't see that, but even if you don't like your body, who cares? Why should everybody like your figure? It's better to be a nice person and to have fun. If you can't see that, maybe you should see a therapist.

    • Actually I forgot to mention that one of my hips is noticeably longer then the other and because I'm pear shaped it's even more obvious, it's probably the main reason why people stare.

  • being pear has nothing to do with being insecure or suck at sports.. google it and you are going to find sooo many celebrities with pear shape

    • I didn't mean it's the reason in bad at sports, I just meant it's hard for me to find clothes that are appropriate for certain sports that suit my figure