What do you think of the world before 20 years?

How was this world before 20 years? 1995. Was it better than now at 2015. I think 1995 was much better. What do you think?

The only major things I see that has changed is Internet, Computer, Smartphones and all the technology.
Some things are same as they were before...


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  • Nothing was better back then, really. Of anything we know so far, the world has only changed to the better and life has never been as liberal and convenient as it is today.

    • I agree with u 50% I mean people became more lazy and everything is easy AF and still people view somethings as tiring and people aren't healthy like old days I mean by this the disadvantages of the technology

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  • 1995 really wasn't that great. I think now is better, mostly due to improvements in technology (computers!) and medicine in that 20 years! Now I'm also witnessing the decline of the feminist movement and the rise of egalitarianism, which I think is really for the best. In 1995 there were some real terrorist quality feminists that pretty much went unchallenged because it was so politically incorrect to be anything else. In 2015, we have a more rational approach to the discussion.

    I think around that time we did see one cool thing, and that was the end (or the beginning of the end) of the conflict in Ireland which was very bloody, and they have enjoyed lasting peace until this day.

    For the most part, politicians were up to the same crap. Mass killings in Africa were still happening so no difference there really. Back then it was more about communism (esp. mutual annhilation) than terrorism, but essentially there is a always a bogeyman the govt is trying to sell you.

    As for morals and common human decency, I think they are both about the same (which is to say still in a garbage heap, but no up/down either way).

    I also think now we have the rise of Organics, and that is something you might take for granted. We quality of food, the use of transfat, and so on I think was more questionable back then (except for GW Bush's little stint in office when all of his friends took over the FDA). In 2015 the organic movement is fairly strong and has reached the pedestrian level, and to be fair the USDA actually has some pretty decent labeling restrictions about what can be called 'organic'. These are real major victories.

    The lifespan and salary levels have risen mostly worldwide, especially in developing nations (hello China and India).

    Is either the roses? No. But I think on whole we're better off now. Just a tad.


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  • Things in the past were way more better than they are now , so yes I agree with you


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  • well the 90s were a time of a great boom economically, especially with the internet. Since 2007/8 the world has been in a recession, and only recently making steps at recovery, so of course things were better back then. If you were to just a take some teen from the 90s and stuck them in 2015, their head would spin with all the tech we have now...

  • Technology is better now. However, in 1995 my country won the America's cup and that was awesome.

  • 90 % agree with u

    • And the 10%?

    • The people and things used to be calmer the 10 % is the medical development and some of things that really really help us today

  • Boring due to lack of proper internet and technologies. But I guess they were used to it.

    • The internet was here in 1995, though it was more Wild-West like. So were cellphones, but not smart phones.

    • hahaha yes it was but not where i am from lol.

    • and as i said lack of "proper" internet