How does YouTube monetization work?

I was wondering if every Youtube video that has ads has been monetized.

Also, I was considering doing Let's Plays, and I know some of them can be monetized, while others cannot be. Does anyone know if it would be safe to monetize a Let's Play video of Final Fantasy VII?


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  • Youtube monetization works like apps monetization. I`m acquainted better with monetizing apps. Apps elaboration and monetization should be an integral process.


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  • I know once you have a solid subscription base and a solid number or views across multiple videos that you can partner with youtube and generate revenue from ads on your channel... I think you only make money if they deem you have an acceptable number of hits per video.


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  • It's a little tricky, i've been reading about that.

    You have to be very cautious about the musics your use... if it as rights money may go for them and not you, if it's not deleted...

    A good thing is that yt has a free library music for you. But there are more sites...

    I weard from a guy that gains are something like... 1000 = 1 dolar

  • I haven't go the exact figures, but a community I follow called UnitLost has a Youtube channel and they've stated that they make less than minimum wage from Youtube. They've got around 50K subs and get 5k views a video on average.