Fear of being alone?

Ok so I have this huge fear of 'being alone'
i don't mean relationship wise, Im not scared of being single. I mean when Im not around ANYONE else for a longer period of time, my brain takes lonely to a new level! It's worst at night, when I try to focus on sleep my mind starts to wander to more depressing thoughts, I then start to pace around my house, my anxiety gets bad and eventually I start to cry! I hate to be a burden on my family but the only way I can sleep is if I'm next to someone, anyone (I'll fall asleep easier with a stranger than by myself!!) or if I cry myself to sleep, does anyone have any ideas on y this is happening and/ or how to make it easier?


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  • Seek professional help. There's probably a counsellor at your high school/college you could talk to, I think there usually free too.


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  • I have the same fear, I either can't get to sleep or I wake up in the eary morning like now I'm awake and can't get back to sleep I feel so alone and it's hard to stop crying :( I wonder if i am depressed or if it's just a stage I'm going through either way it's awfull...