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So for this coming school year (high school) I would like a job. The problem is, most places require you to be over 16 or 18 at least. I keep looking but with little success. Its not due to lack of work ethic or anything, its just people judge based on age. Before you say it, yes I've tried to get babysitting jobs. I babysat for a while but then I moved and now I've tried going through care. com but no one even looks at me because of my age. I am literally cpr certified and a trained babysitter and still no one wants to hire me. Also, before you say it yes I know I should "enjoy being a kid while I can" I'm doing this because I truly want to. I have some other work experience to but it was all under the table. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking in tucson, AZ. THANK YOU!


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  • ok good for you, if your 14 you could caddy I don't know in ur state. I'm sure you can find something. good luck


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  • Try care. com

    Or summer youth program.

    • literally said I was looking for a job during the school year and that care. com didn't work for me


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  • Some McDonald's hire at age 15. You can also start your own after school or weekend tutoring business.