How to find, what makes you happy?

I just realized i dont know what can make me happy. im not a happy person. i have nearly everything i want. but i dont feel happy, having it all.
I was asked what can make me happy and dont know what to answer.
How can i know or find what can make me happy?


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  • Just try out lots of different things. Play online games, work out, play different sports, just try everything and i promise you will find something that makes you happy.


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  • I learned long ago to not place my happiness in someone elses hands , because once they have gone then so is your happiness. I believe happiness means different things to different people.

    Personally , to find my happiness i fought to recognise my own limitations and accept some things i can't change, realising failure in life are just an opportunity to begin again. Mistakes are lessons to be learned. I have learned to adapt to any circumstance and environmet

    . All this has brought me inner peace. So i realised long ago true happiness for me was finding inner peace, no job, amount of money or relationship can give that to me... only myself.

    So you just have to search to find out what happiness means to you and work at finding it.


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  • U have nearly everything u want, then try to lose everything, as time pass by, you'll know the answer


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  • How to find it, no freaking idea.

    But what makes me happy:
    - My family being okay and being supportive
    - My friends being okay and being supportive and awesome
    - The sun that Should Be Shining right now...
    - Having good grades at school, succeeding at a task
    - Having fun doing my hobbies, sharing hobbies with likeminded people
    - Delicious food
    - Interesting things, things that make me want to figure out or watch
    - Music from my favorite artists, getting noticed by them, etc...
    - And the most important thing... Being yourself and believing in yourself

  • I don't know, because it's only about you not me or everyone. but, if u asking me what makes me happy is family then my best friends and my books..

  • happiness is something you have to find yourself, don't let others tell you what it is