A Message for All Fellow GaGers?

There's a long time I don't ask anything, so this time I saw a picture and the quote you can read is really inspiring xD. I hope you can keep this in mind every time you are insecure to ask someone out:

A Message for All Fellow GaGers?

Always remember that you can easily replace "ask that girl out" by "ask that guy out" if you're a girl. I wish everyone a nice day!


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  • What a pick up line that would be to an unsuspecting girl.

    Him: "Hey baby, let me be your browser."
    Her: "Excuse me?"
    Him: "You know. Explorer?"
    Her: "What are you talking about?"
    Him: "Search me."
    Her: "Um..."
    Him: "Connection is slow?"
    Her: "Must be."
    Him: "Maybe upgrade?"
    Her: "I think I need to leave."
    Him: "Closing the Window so soon? Shutting down?"
    Her: "Clearing history."

    • haha that was a great conversation. For a moment I thought about trying it xD

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    • That's why I should try it with an IT girl... chances could be higher haha

    • Ohh yeah good one. :)

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