How to make him see me as more than a friend?

We've known each other since middle school and we've been hanging out for 5 years now. He's (almost) always friendly and kind. He compliments me sometimes, like my clothing and he notices If I buy new shoes (but never notices If I get a new haircut xD). We were together earlier and he said "nice nails" and they weren't even polished and I said "thank you?" and he said "Just saying". I've noticed that he's touching my hand a lot as to calm me even If I'm not upset and he doesn't mind being close to me. I'm 99% that I'm friendzoned and that he's cool around me. How could I change that?


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  • sorry but it's impossible to change someone's way about how he's seein u... it's up to him to change his mind and only... also avoid pretendin u r someone else, otherwise he'll realise u r fake and this will turn-him off


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  • love blossoms from good friendship... show him you are interested in him.