I'am feeling very depressed, I feel like nothing is going my way , can anyone help?

i'am feeling very depressed, i feel like nothing is going my way , can anyone help?


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  • It'll all pass, like everything happens for a reason even if it's not clear right now, but you have to just work through it to get to a place where you feel happier.
    Is there anything that's making you feel like this in particular?

    • i'am not sure anymore. i bought a car that cost a lot, i saved my money for 8 years for this car and it is not good. The person who sold it to me scammed me basically. that was my only joy (cars). Both my parents are very mad and i have no one to talk too. I saved so much like i did not even got to a single club yet (for example). Other things in my life are not that good. I don't know what to do. i feel like giving up on life.

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    • All the best x

    • thanks :)


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  • See a counselor.


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