Who would you pick to win a fight?

These 5 enter the arena. Who are you betting 5 million dollars on to win. You win your money doubles.

Fighter 1
Who would you pick to win a fight ?
Fighter 2

Fighter 3

Fighter 4

Fighter 5

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm gonna go with Whis because, unless I'm wrong, he's kind of shown to be the most powerful entity in the universe? I thought Arale for a second because she does beat Goku, but she beats him in volume 7 when he's just a kid, so I'm not sure she'd win later. (I might be wrong, I'm re-watching the series, and haven't watched them for a while :/ )

    • She's MFTL+ (Massively faster than light), can destroy planets with a physical punch, and has toon force ~Arale.

    • Sure, she can, but in battle of gods Goku uses super saiyan god power to get the god of destruction who is big time strong to use 70% of his power. Super saiyan god is the combined power of 5 of the most powerful warriors in the universe and shit- so obviously really strong. But Whis manages to KO the god of destruction without even looking like he's trying :P

Most Helpful Guy

  • Fighter 3 obviously.


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