Do dermatologists really work? boyfriend recommended me to one? holistic vs celeb dermatologist?

I've had acne since I was in 7th grade. I've tried retin A, doxycline, benzoyl perioxide, and strong stuff. PIlls and creams. Nothing helped until I started using natural stuff. Theni stopped doing anything to my face and it cleared upa lot. My boyfriend has had acne and his face cleared up. He has gone to the dermatologist and gave me the name of him (top celeb dermatologists). I'm debating whether I should go to a holistic dermatologist (using natural stuff to clear up acne/ herbs) or going to a dermatologist?


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  • dermatologists do work since thats a job title...

    but anyways, they stuff dermatologists prescribe, some work and some don't.
    just have to try it out.


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  • I can say from personal experience, real credible dermatologist "work" yes. It was what I had to do to clear up my ache when I was a teenager, nothing else worked. Not only did he clear it up, but never came back! The odd one here and there that goes away quickly, but nothing serious.

    • What did he prescribe you?

    • It was so long ago I can't remember. It did work though. Only side affect from it was it thinned my hair a little bit, but once I was done them it thickened back out. And I think it also got worse before it got better. Like at first it made it worse, but then cleared right up. It took a bit to clear it up completely. They might have newer better drugs for it now?

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  • I do not trust "holistic medicine". At all. People die because of that nonsense. Just go look up who your insurance covers and then look up their reviews on yelp or some other review site.