Hyped for battlefront "3"?

I can't wait for the new Star Wars battlefront game I'm wondering if anyone else is as hyped as I am


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  • Not really, to be honest I am quite disappointed pretty much everything that made battlefront what is was is not in Star Wars "Battlefront"

    And I've extensively modded Battlefront 2 so it's already better then EAs version -shrugs-

    I think one of my greatest disappointments though is the fact that there is only 4-5 weapons ( not counting the Pre-Order DL44 Heavy Blaster ) and both factions can get them, it would make sense for the rebels to be able to use just about anything since they scavenge but the empire uses standard issue equipment so they wouldn't use the same weapons as the rebels.

    To be honest I was expecting quite a bit more for weapons and just overall through the entire game.

    • Only about 5 weapons? Sheesh! I hope they change that.

    • Yup, from what I saw at least it was only the closed beta so it's not like they showed the whole game but still /:


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  • I am not. Expectations too high, it's sure to disappoint you.

  • Well it probably won't be as good as Battlefront 2 was. And I don't have a Xbone or PS4 or a good enough PC so...

    • Yeah battlefront 2 was pure gold. I don't expect it to beat that. But at least the Star Wars franchise is staying alive and it is attracting more people than ever now and it is quite pleasing honestly.

  • Couldn't give a shit about it to be honest

    • Okay. But next time if you don't care about something at all then please don't leave your opinion on it alright?

    • No, I'll do whatever the Christ I like thank you very much.

      And by the way.. I am your father

  • I've been waiting.