Did/Do you recognise the importance of specialising at University? How has it effected you and what would you study if you go back, can you change?

I didn't specialise in a subject, to the contrary, i did a combined honours which was good but my idea was that it would open up a variety of positions that I could apply myself to. One of those subjects was business.

I've realised that it would now have been better for me to specialise in a field, i. e medicine, engineering, biology etc.

What did you study and what would you study if you go back to study?

i'm not sure if i could specialise if i do a masters since i haven't specialised in undergrad


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  • yes i always have.


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  • Specialising is very important in the sense that it would reduce your competition. It makes it possible for you to capture niche areas in the industry. However, it can also backfire in a way (same way that everything has both advantages and disadvantages). Niche /smaller areas can also narrow down your options or reduce your ability to grow fast (career progression). As for me I've completed my Bachelor in Commerce (Honours), which in fact is a more general course. Now I'm doing my Post Graduate programme in Management which is a more specialised course. So I guess it still can be possible for you. :)


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  • Yeah I think specialising is important but I think people fear narrowing their options it is only those who are 100% sure of their future career embrace specialisation.