Are there still girls like the one in the description below?

I'm just wondering. . . with society nowadays, girls have become completely distinct. Each one is different, unique like a gemstone that has been branded with many strange symbols. However, are there still any pretty girls who don't simply crave for sex. Are there still girls who actually listen to what the hell you want to talk about? Or how you feel? Are there still any clean wholesome girls who like you for who you are, rather your looks, money, car, fame? They dont have to be extremely beautiful, Simply pretty is fine. I'm just wondering, do these kind of bonds still exist. It seems, on the contrary, that seldom you will ever encounter such type of girls. . . which kindles sadness in my heart. Because those ties seem precious and worth holding onto.


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  • There are many girls that are still "pure"... that don't look for cars and money and actually do look for a good guy that will appreciate them just as they are, many who will prefer to just chill and hug and cuddle instead of going straight to bed with a guy... but can I ask you are there any guys like this?

  • Um. I'm asexual. So there are definitely females around who aren't interested in sex. Physical attractiveness is debatable. I take issue with your usage of "clean" and "wholesome", however - seems to imply that you think the remainder (indeed, judging from your post, more like the vast majority) of girls are somehow tainted. What's given you the impression that this is the case?


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