Is it weird to have an alter ego?

I have an alter ego, to help me change myself. I don't think it's weird I think it's kind of helpful! I have been stuck inside my Shy She'll for years! It holds me back a lot, and I'm ready to break out if it. MY alter ego is The Black Cheetah. She helps me with changing my style and amping myself up! Yes I said SHE! Maybe it's crazy or maybe I'm crazy, but it works alot! I creates her because I knew that shy ass Me wasn't going to do shit about it. I set goals as T. BC and I'm following them. Who else has an alter ego? Who thinks it weird? I want everyone's honest opinion on this!!


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  • I don't find it weird at all - I think everyone has created a partial alter ego probably in the form of a better version of themselves who is more confident, more secure the thing is for the lines not to get blurred and this "Alter Ego" is something to work towards as a person.


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  • I think it isn't weird. For the simple reason that it works and helps you out of your shell. But there will come a day when you realize that it was never an ego... it was just you all along.

  • It is pretty weird

    • Why is it weird? I need details

    • It is like a little child pretending to be batman or superman. an adult should be themselves and confident and if they're not they should aspire to be and try to be like like others not create fanasies to pretend to be like so they can escape reality and not face reality by not taking the good with the bad of being a person

    • That's a really good answer, I think I'm going to cry

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