Is a guy who has never been kissed immediately a bad kisser?

Hi, I like this guy and he is my best friend. Two days ago I slept over at his house and we nearly kissed. Now we have holiday for six weeks but I'm sure that after the holiday we will kiss (or something in that era). But as most guys my age he hasn't kissed yet, so will it be a bad kiss and ruin what we have or what should i expect?

x a girl of 14


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  • At 14 your first is going to be bad. When you rode your bike for the first time did you scrape your knee once or twice? Apply the same to kissing, it gets better with time.


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  • Well, kissing is kinda skill just like anything else, so he might have a natural talent for it and it might be good. But, just like a skill, it might have to be learnt and practiced until it's any good. So he might be bad at it, but you might get lucky and he'll be a fast learner. Even if he's not a great kisser, if you're patient and work at it with him, then he'll get better.


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  • Not necessary.. he can blow your mind. Being inexperienced doesn't mean he is not good.