Any holdouts still believing the marijuana devil weed story?

Poll on how many people are still holding out against cannabis science.

  • Yes, I believe cannabis is a dangerous, schedule 1 drug, and the conflicts of interests these claims come from are just a coincidence
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  • No, I believe in science
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  • i dont believe it.


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  • It's just like anything else, taken in moderation. If you smoke too much you're at risk for lung cancer, but ingestion or smoking a bit from what I've read isn't enough to make it harmful enough to make it illegal in my opinion. There are a lot more dangerous things out there that are legal that I don't get, so why not put pressure on things like smoking cigarettes, eating fried Mars bars, or eliminating no-speed limit sections on the Autobahn? (For those who don't know, looking at an accident on the Autobahn is devastatingly heartbreaking).

  • No, I don't think it's dangerous. I do think that there are bad side effects, but as far as I know they're temporary and there's no physical lasting damage (though I may be wrong about that)

    • The damage is mental:
      That's why there are potheads.

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    • I understand that that means it's illegal which is why I said that after research is carried out and we show it's safe, it should be legalised? You literally just repeated what I said whilst making it seem like I was stupid? :/ And yeah, I understand that a lot of the legal drugs have side effects too, but a lot of drugs with negative side effects are life-saving even with the side effects. Cannabis isn't life-saving.

    • How can there be proper research on it while it's illegal? Wider research hasn't been done on it precisely because it's banned. The ban should be lifted, then research can be done on it. The ban is collapsing as we speak, which is a good thing.

      "Cannabis isn't life-saving."

      Tell that to this Kansas woman. And there are tons of stories like that.

  • Just dont smoke that shit before you drive or operate a airplane

    • it stays a long time in your system. Thus it's cannabis or you drive or operate a airplane. Not both.
      Would you trust a pilot or driver freaking out because of a bad trip caused by theTetrahydrocannabinol remaining in his system?

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    • @jacquesvol I dont do drugs or smoke. I never said I did and its not a word most people know

    • @jacquesvol no need to get SNIPPY.

  • Weed is only truly dangerous when it is smoked, end of story.

    • A female friend told me a few months ago someone had given her a space cake. She had eaten it, not knowing what it was. She started getting paranoid and freaking out in panic, driving at 70 mph in a tunnel.

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    • Aspirin is a dangerous drug, OP. It's incredibly harsh on your kidneys and stomach and can even cause bleeding on your brain.


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  • I believe it should be legal and is not all that harmful, that being said, I think it is also more dangerous than regular users give it credit for.

    Hopefully if it is legal, it will loose the taboo and people will not go crazy for it plus prices will skyrocket an it will be clean. Right now the main problem is the fact that you have to get involved with illegal dealers which brings you closer in contact with the real bad stuff. Not saying this automatically leads to that, but you are more at risk than a none smoker.

    • More importantly, once legal and easily obtained, more dedicated research should be done to find any negative impacts its use or abuse may have, if any.

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    • @jacquesvol No. You failed to read properly.

    • Nope, abusing enough human guinea pigs is the only way to establish causations and it should be done for tens of years.
      The correlations we know at this moment are strong enough to warrant an interdiction.

  • Yes, I believe cannabis is a dangerous, schedule 1 drug, and I believe in science

    • So basically you can believe in a rain dance but still believe in science.

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    • You lack some understanding of the principles of scientific research.
      It's about ethics:

      With studies causation can never be proven, for nothing at all, not even about breaking a leg when falling off the stairs. With studies a high correlation becomes evident.

      Causation can only be proven using human guinea pigs in lab circumstances. And no serious scientist will risk causing damage in humans to prove anything. That's something a *criminal* like Dr. Mengele wanted to do and did.

      But I shouldn't expect a drug addict to understand ethics.

    • Nice ad hominems, but your rebuttal is non-existent. What I say about causation is completely true, and you have no real response for it. There is no real reason to take cannabis "research" at face value, with the history of its prohibition being what it is, full of Reefer Madness nonsense propaganda. You can go ahead and rant and rave about it, but if we look at the polls (including this one) you're losing the debate, utterly.

      Meanwhile, us rational people await for more thorough laboratory study coming from the places where it's legal. None of this self-reporting stuff from psychiatrists getting kickbacks from big pharma.

  • Don't know anyone who smokes it so can't say either way

    • I've known one. One of my friends who proved the stepping stone theory... to the bitter end. :-(
      He died at 29. His wife found the body at 7 am, I was there 3/4 hrs later.

    • jacquesvol sure haves a lot of anecdotes, doesn't he? 😆

  • Wow, way to frame it, asker. I'm with @jacquesvol, it is a dangerous gateway drug and should continue to be prohibited. Honestly, I don't see the point of using it, legal or not. It is just license to be an asshole. Either way, as long as it is still banned under federal law in the U. S., they should not let the states get away with flouting the law.

    • As if an under 18 would know anything.

    • Well, isn't that nice and ageist. There are plenty of people who are under 18 who know what is going on and do not buy into liberal propaganda. Don't try to fight my argument, just attack my age. Nice one.