Anyone else tired of girls sending duck pics?

I am simply sick and tired that I can't go online without having to see some duck pics!
If any guys wanted to see your small dried up lips then we would ask.

Just the other day I was being a complete gentleman and sent some girls some pictures of my huge dick and before I know it, they all bombard me with duck pics :/

Please stop this harrassment!
Sincerely, Every guy.
Anyone else tired of girls sending duck pics?


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  • I only have a wood duck (he lives at the bottom the garden) and he's kind of small compared to all the mallards I see around but very cute. Do women think the size of your duck is more important or does plumage count for more? I need to know.

    • I swear all women think duck size is what counts. I want to wake up one day and not have to be judged by the size of my duck.

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    • Do you think they would get bigger if I feed them suet? The people three houses down feed their tits suet and they seem to be bigger than mine.

    • You don't worry about their big tits, just love yours!


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  • LOL - - - -

    • Join our movement brother!

  • Uploading duck face pictures is the equivalent of terrorism.

  • just send the duck picture to the girls mother and tell her about it. She shall reeducate her daughter surely. Say no to duck pic

    • Like seriously if you wouldn't want your mom seeing your duck pic then why send it to an innocent guy?

  • Yes they look so ugly when they do duck face