Vet or paramedic?

i have my mind set on being a paramedic or vet... eother one but which one makes more money


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  • if you're willing to go through med vet school why not become a doctor?

    • ignore the med before vet

    • Animals need help too, just saying.

    • @CityBoy773 I agree but she's asking specifically ehich field makes more money. If she wants to make a lot of money there's no point in going to vet school which is just as difficult as med school and make less than half as what doctors make. She also has an interest in caring for people since she's also thinking of becoming a paramedic so it just makes more sense for her to try and become a physician and get the both of best worlds.

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  • I don't know, I'm guessing a vet makes more money? But paramedic may be more exciting


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  • "A raging fire consumed the fuel around it,
    Destroying everything in its path,
    So does this fate a wait is all,
    Neither rank nor riches can save us now"

    This Chinese proverb is about the obvious. Money or rank will not save you from death. Do what you love not what pays the most.

    Which one do you love the most? That's not for me to say.

    Who says you have to choose one?

  • Whichever one you are more happy with. You're still young, so you have time to figure out. When you're in the second semester of your senior yr, and still don't know, then you have reason to worry.

    Don't go for one that'll make more money, but you'll hate doing.

  • Why don't you research it instead of asking people that probably don't know?


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