Suburban vs city which is more expensive?

Lets say a 11000 sq feet house in both, which is more expensive? And which do you prefer to live?

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  • I don't thin you can find 11 thousand square feet in a city or suburb unless it's a warehouse. Maybe way out in the country like a barn?

    The city property is usually more expensive. There's trade offs. In the city I can walk to almost anything or it'a a short commute, usually by public transportation or car. In the suburbs it'a almost always going to be a car ride. A lot of jobs & things of interest are in the city, so you're always commuting. I prefer to live in the city. You don't really need a car but I have one just for convenience sake. Some people don't they just rent one for vacations & trips like that.
    In the end it may be quieter, a little more cheap & cleaner to live in a suburb. You're always commuting. Drive from your house to the train. Pay to park. Pay for the train. Drive back home. If you go into the city for a ballgame that's a long ride. That all adds up to a lot of wasted time.

    • You can in where I live.

    • Not in a city. It's more like 1 thousand 1 hundred sf. Maybe double in a suburb.
      What would you do with 11 thousand sf? 18 bedrooms? 12 bathrooms? 2 kitchens?

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  • The whole reason suburbs started was people were able to travel further faster with cars/motorcycles and they chose to live in the suburbs where it was cheaper to own more land and less crowded but they could enjoy a good job in the city.

  • An eleven thousand square foot house would be like a hundred million in a city.

  • City is always more expensive because you have the convenience of everything near you, and the lack of land available. I rent an apartment in my city, but I would prefer the suburbs for more room

    • I live in the city too but I thought in other parts of the world suburbs are more expensive

  • City is more e, pensive... look at nyc

    • I thought suburbs are more expensive cause everyone talks like only rich people lives there

    • Lol... look at prices for apartments near central park in nyc... more than houses

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  • Usually the city property is way more expensive.

    • I would guess you haven't priced out any rural water front property then? But yes as a general rule the big city is more expensive.