Does anyone believe that moods are affected by certain times of the year?

I have feeling a bit "Meh" last few days - No real reason just "Meh" but it reminds of when I was a kid and during summer holidays there were times when your friends were on vacation leaving you stuck at home feeling a bit bored. Everything just seems quieter and TV is crap - Are the summer doldrums real or am I just being moany?


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  • I get different moods depending on season myself.

    Winter: Usually my on and off season. I am not as hyper as usual, but not easily depressed either. I just hate the cold, so I'm bitchy during winter.
    Fall: My depressed season. I hate seeing everything die. Beginning of fall is okay, cause of the changing colors. But towards winter, I start feeling as depressed as it looks.
    Spring: My happy as hell season. I love rain, the weathers perfect, everythings blooming, animals coming back out (at least everywhere but where I live now, where they stay hidden due to hunting), kids coming to play, and its just happy. It's not bright as hell a 21:00, but not still dark out by 09:00. It's my favorite season.
    Summer: My eh season. It's hot and boring at this point. I used to love summer, cause I could play all day. Now that I am going to college, and not community college like a university for a pre-professional degree, and actually know what the word "money" means, I work instead.


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  • I think that people do different things durring different seasons. So maybe doing certain things, which correspond to certain seasons can change moods. Like usually, during the first month of the summer, I spend a lot of time inside playing videogames and thus become depressed. But when i start to get out more i feel better.

  • Nah, I agree completely, I think moods are definitely affected by certain times of the year. Especially if you're living in a smaller European country, as you and I both do.

    I'm generally a lot happier during winter.

  • I do, people normally feel better in the summer than they do in the winter