What do you think happened to Sandra Bland?

  • Accidental Homicide by Police Brutality and Cover Up
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  • Suicide
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Please write the District Attorney and the Waller County of Texas Congressman to have this case fully investigated and persecuted to the full extent of the law because police officers are no greater than anyone else; just as white lives are no greater than black lives.

District Attorney
Elton Mathis
645 12th Street
Hempstead, TX 77445
Please sign this petition to have the investigation taken from the Wallet County Police Department turned over to the United States Attorney General.

Dear Black people,
Please register to vote for the 2016 election and do not let the work of MLK go in vain.


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  • aren't they trying to figure that out?

    • Yes, the District Attorney is treating it as a murder/homicide and is being further investigated by the FBI.

      You can write the district attorney here:

      District Attorney
      Elton Mathis
      645 12th Street
      Hempstead, TX 77445

    • If you read the press release it also states that every death in police custody is investigated as a homicide.

    • Good, people shouldn't be dying while under custody.

      Also, Texas still applies the death penalty, but this one occurred without a verdict.

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  • Don't know enough to say why she died. Either way the video shows that both the cop and her were idiots. If a cop pulls you over just do exactly what he says and be nice to him or her, it's not that hard. If you think he is not being lawful, do what he says and shut up. Everything is recorded now days and you can take him/her to court, it's not rocket science.


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  • I'm not from the USA, but I've read a lot what happened the past year and have lost all trust and faith in the police. It makes me angry and I can't believe what's going on. This is all so surreal.

  • People who think it's a suicide are just going with what the cops and news want you to believe


What Guys Said 9

  • I think #AllLivesMatter

    Why doesn't everyone's life matter to you? Why just blacks?

    • All Lives Matter, but Police specifically target black people when they arrest them

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    • @Asker Police only 'target' blacks more because blacks commit crimes at the highest rate of any ethnic group in America #harshtruth

    • @bigjake Not true.

      Wicked, stupid, and low socioeconomic groups of people tend to commit more crimes.

      This demographic can occur within any ethnic group.

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    • Okay, that sounds very white supremacy

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    • If that's the case how come you said that #whitelivesmatter is what a white supremacist would say? Your logic is full of holes.

    • The question is 'What do you think happened to Sandra Bland?'

      You didn't even answer. You're just here to be argumentative.

      You're not helping.

  • it sounds like suicide to me

  • I think she killed herself. Lets look at the facts cut on her from depression. Huge idgaf attitude and moving likely to get away from herself. The simplest answer is usually the right answer. She hung herself.

  • Suicide by cop.

    • We'll never know.
      That's Texas, the state where JFK was killed. Do we know who killed JFK? No.

  • Let's say there was only audio to form an opinion. Without definitively being able to determine race, who would be considered "out of order" during the initial interaction?

  • I can't take anyone seriously who says that pointless chant of blacklivesmatter. It's just ridiculous. Now every time a person dies we are gonna have to make a race deal out of it like chineselivesmatter or jewishlivesmatter.

    • Other unarmed humans aren't killed by dozens by cops. #blacklivesmatter

    • Actually every race is killed by the police by about their percent of the population. It's just the media focuses on the ones where the black people die by a white cop since it will make better headlines. Seriously pay some attention to this stuff so you don't go around claiming false stuff

    • Show your stats from an accredited @anonymous

  • Killed by cops. Happened before, just in other recent stories.

  • White Americaaaaaaaa