What are signs that you should be with someone?


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  • You feel a strong connection to them

    • How about if you guy's break up and you don't find anyone after him because your in love with him and that's unusual to you

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    • He is not taking the lead though because I haven't seen or heard from him in a week.

      Do you think I did something wrong for him not to ask me to hang out anymore?

    • It is very hard to say without knowing for sure what is going on inside his head - He has said no yet you think he is acting a certain way around - I think it is something you can only work out between yourselves - No third party would be able to tell you an answer - I hope it works out for you.

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  • If you like each other.


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  • There are no "signs". You like eachother, you go on dates, you become a couple, you a) end up married or b) break up. That is all.

    • How about if you guy's break up bUT you don't find anyone after him and that's unusual for you?

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    • Listen im in a relationship with an amazing guy. Im ready to marry him. he's my best friend. I thought this about the last guy i dated as well. Turns out that he didn't feel that way as well. We broke up and i walked away and many many months later i met the man of my dreams. When its the right person you aren't looking for signs or reasons to keep holding on. You just know because they are right next to you everyday loving you and not giving up when things get tough and i have learned that being in a truly good relationship over the past year. If you are broken up there is a key word there, BROKEN. One or both of you gave up or had life circumstances that made it so you stopped holding on to what you guys had. First of all, if a man wants to be with you, he makes it happen at all costs. Just because you feel he's the one doesn't mean he feels the same way about you. Dont hurt yourself more by holding on to this.

    • I also want to make it clear that im not interested in commenting further. I have given you my opinion and thats all i can do. Good luck.