Are you an Indigo Child? Do you believe in Indigo children? Do you think you're one of them?

Maybe some of you never heard about the Indigo children. So I will find some pictures and basic introduction. More details you can read from wikipedia or Do you think you're one of them?

First picture will tell you what is an Indigo Child!
Are you an Indigo Child?  Do you believe in Indigo children? Do you think you're one of them?


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  • I fit into the category and can check most off the list but can't everyone? I don't really believe in this idea...

  • A lot of that describes me but isn't that just a personality type?

  • No that definitely doesn't sound like me.

  • Its just a label for old souls ready to challenge the old anal retentive farts here on earth

  • "Tips to know if you're an Indigo Child" - well, I could say yes to literally all of the statements, except 2, 6 and 10.

    "What is an Indigo Child?" - oh I've never felt like a royalty, nor feeling that I'm deserving to be here. Self-worth is somewhat an issue for me. I'm a really shy person tbh lol. *the rest that I didn't mentioned is kinda accurate to me.

    So, what am I lol. Yeah, I'm just too bored that I'm analyzing myself lol.

    • Haha, You sounds confused wiht what you are. I think you are a half Indigo Child lol

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    • I'm not forced to do those lol. I dislike it, but it doesn't mean that I'm forced to do it. If elders gave me orders or rules to follow I'd follow.

      I still won't call myself an Indigo Child even if I was one lol. I was just bored at that time so I commented, you can kindly ignore it lol. :)

    • Don't put too much stock into desperately wanting to label yourself. You are you and you don't have to conform to any kind of strict personality type. Labels are there for convenience, support and to put humans into neat little boxes. Nothing more, nothing less.

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  • It's been made so that people will easily believe that they are
    the questions, that is, have been made in that way.

    People often believe they are, even if they aren't
    as per the questions would have them believe.

    Much like the zodiacs, when reading those.

    Indigo children should supposedly be ancient souls
    who remember more or less of their past lives.

    Normaly, a soul entering a new host would leave the
    memories behind, as to learn new things in this new life.

    Indigo's remember fragments of those past lives
    and the memories often come to them, in the form
    of dreams of faraway places they've never seen
    yet gives the person a nostalgic and homesick feeling.

    So.. have you ever experienced such a dream?
    I have, I have continous dreams of a certain people
    living in close harmony with the ocean.

    But the manmade label "indigo child" is something
    I could never call myself.
    If I am, I am, if I'm not, I'm not.

    The title is manmade afterall, and mankind is flawed.

  • sounds like an excuse for poorly behaved children who know no shame, rules or how to listen to others...

    • No we don't listen to others... !

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    • It sounds like your parents were a little new age-y with you and did not instill a proper sense of humility. No one is born that way, it is parenting.

    • Lol, I have my humility and my parents very old and traditional, I am the only one close to new age in my famliy. But I just tell you the true, At least I didn't lie to you,

  • I do share a few of the traits. 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11 and often 12. In that pink image on the second row in the left column.

    But I'll be honest here: I don't like these special snowflake labels and many people will share at least a few of those traits as they're pretty common. More common than images like these try to convey. My first reaction to things like this is usually along the lines of: "Oh boy, another group who thinks they're elevated above the rest". People all want to feel more special and unique than others, hence they come up with labels like this. The Internet really adds fuel to the fire when it comes to this aspect.

    That said. It's my opinion and I'm really not here to say you should do things differently. Most of these traits are good to have, but not having respect for authority can be bad in more than one way. Society would fall apart without it.

  • Nope, that does not sound me like me much at all.

  • Wow, holy shit this intrigues me.

  • I have encountered people like that but I dont think they all can be catagorised under those points