Ideas On English Teaching Games?

I teach English to a veriety of ages from elementary to adult.

For my elementary classes i commonly have to do games with them. i really need new ideas.

2 examples of the ones i tried are.

(Focus was on alphabet fluency)
Game. 3 teams, they have a piece of paper each. I write a scrambled sentence on the board. They have to decipher the sentence using their alphabet.

I. e it's the letter before the one i wrote. i. e car would be written as dbs and they'll figure out it says car. First team to find is winner. So they're using their alphabet for that

Another game
2. I do a pie chart with crosses and smiley faces. I give a dice. 2 teams. I ask them a sentence, they have to answer correctly. The person on the team that answers it correctly gets to roll the dice. Winning team will have landed on the least crosses.


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  • Those sound fun!


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  • ironic that you had to misspell variety, being an English teacher :P

    • I know grammar inside out but typing on my phone and using swype i don't really mind