Why do women conform so much?

like why do they do whatever other women find acceptable instead of just doing what they want? you can even see it in how women word their questions on here. "is it ok if.." "is it possible if.." "is it alright if.." its like you're asking for permission. also why do women always try to save face? like they will always avoid doing or saying ANYTHING that will make them look even a hint of bad and usually dont say what they really think unless a few others are in agreement or they are in private.

just do what you want a face the consequeces.. then everything will work out eventually.


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  • It's what were taught to do.


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  • they do conform a lot

    it helps them survive as thats what their built for. this is why they are so opportunistic as their children depend on her more than the father in some ways


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  • We're a social species, fitting in is crucial for our survival


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