Dear gender equality supporters (i. e. not feminists), have you seen this video yet?

Dear gender equality supporters (i. e. not feminists), have you seen this video yet?


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  • I agree but let me just ask a question, why aren't men doing anything?
    Right now they just complain that feminists don't do anything for them. How about you guys do something? You know what needs to be changed. All women (or men) don't know or understand how bad some things are for men these days. You gotta fight back and make them understand. Just like we women have done. And not by blaming everything on the other gender, but raising awareness.

    • That's the even more horrible part ;). We're so oppressed by societies expectation to be strong and sort out our own shit without others helping us.

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    • We *are* doing something. It's just that feminists often shut us down. I helped someone set up a support line for male victims of rape and domestic abuse, but it was constantly spammed by feminists to the point where we had to shut down. But please, do tell me more about how that's supposedly my fault for "not doing anything".

      Enough with this "us vs. them" mentality. Everyone should work towards equality for both men and women. This applies to both genders.

    • True, reaching equality demands effort from both genders. But yeah, men were against women gaining rights too. And there are always people who fight against change. But times change, most men stopped fighting against women gaining rights and started supporting it.
      But in your attitude I can also sense "us agains them" mentality. WE had to shut down because FEMINISTS spammed constantly. And don't get me wrong, I support you in this. But it is always us against them. There are always people who oppose. Currently people have started to thi k feminism is about making women superior, and it has slightly lost support. And that is what is making this more dfficult. People think that fighting for male rights is about making men superior or somehow taking rights away from women.
      And still most people are doing nothing. It's because they are aren't interested, are uninformed or have lost hope. Oh and those who fight back the wrong way (spamming, using violence etc.)


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  • you dont need feminism?
    GREAT ! then dont vote or work or have basic human rights

    PATHETIC what most American women do to get attention from guys... and then they come here and cry about how no one treats them nicely or respects them !
    "im gonna put other women down and tell guys im oh im such an angel on my period and pretend that girls dont get mood swings or become easily irritable or get cramps or actually suffer on their periods ill pretend im so different but then ill cry when they are insensitive about it"
    "why are you attracted to her? IM easier !! heck ill flash a guy if he gives me free coffee"
    "im such a tough guyyyyyy i can do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING and hang with the guys and cuss like a sailor and behave like a guy but i still expect them to treat me like a lady"
    "i like to follow any dumb trend the appears all of a sudden and then think im so unique!"

    • Nobody is saying that women are treated fairly (they aren't, in some situations). Lauren simply explains that men aren't either (in some situations). If feminism is about gender equality, then why is it only about women?

      It's called feminism - you're right. The point is, it's not synonymous to "gender equality".

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    • Third wave feminism is the problem, not the first and second ones.

    • ^ exactly

  • Feminism IS about equality. I know you will downvote, but I don't care.

    • Wow. You must be psychic. I did downvote.

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    • Love how you can give those peoples all the facts and numbers, and they just close their eyes and repeat bs without questioning.

    • What has feminism done for men, then? Name me *one* thing. You can pull up dictionary definitions all you want, but that doesn't mean feminism is actually for equality.

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  • I have seen it before and agree with most of what she says - I try to be egalitarian and listen to both sides of an issue before choosing to pick what I see as the fairest route - It doesn't have to be pro or anti feminist just fair for me.

  • preach!! unfortunately logic never resonates with overly motivated hipster feminists. great vid.

  • she did her homework and sounds kinda like me :P hahaa nice.

  • I think I'm in love 😍