Everyone always asks me if im gay because I've never had a girlfriend or been in a relationship need help?

first things first I've always will and always will be straight! i dont know why but people always ask me if im guy but i dont know why is it the way i walk? the way i dress the way i come across? i can't put my finger on it! the thing is people must have a reason for thinking this and thinking this is why im not getting luck with women! im also very shy and lack in confiendence which doesn't help me either and i dont go out! its getting to the piont im actually thinking about my sexuality now are people right about me? please look at my profile picture and be honest both men and womens opionis will be helpful!
please please please help me, with tips and advice much appriciated :)


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  • People are born knowing their sexuality (From what I think) I have asked lots of gay friends and they say that they always knew. If they were a guy they would crush on male peers in school if they were girls they would crush on female peers. So if you have always been straight and you are recently questioning your sexuality then I would blame it on those people who continue to ask you if you are, it's not you, so just ignore them and find who you love in your own time. I mean think about it in a different perspective, when you get called fat for the first time or someone calls you out on an imperfection you start to think about how to fix it or wonder if it truly is as horrible as they say it is. If enough people question you, you start to question yourself. Now to see if I can help you on your shy problem, while I may not be as old and don't have as much life experience as you I understand a bit of were you are coming from since I have not ever even asked a girl out because of being scared of rejection and being shy, however something that helps me is to remember that you regret things that you did not do more than those you did do, so just go for it. (All of this is my opinion)

    • mate for a 15 year old you speak so much sense and are so mature i tip my hat to you sir!

    • Thanks, I appreciate it, and I hope your situation gets better :D.

    • If I could only get my mom to say that... xD


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  • People are weird and say stupid things sometimes. Hell, some people have asked me if I'm asexual because I've never had a boyfriend... 😑 which couldn't be more wrong. You just gotta ignore them I guess! You're not gay just because people assume that.

  • i think you look good!


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  • if your into guys than your gay (which isn't a bad thing at least in my opinion) but if your not attractive or even turn on by guys, but very much attractive to women your straight (not a bad thing either) i wouldent worry about much what other people think, they dont know you, you know you.