Why would a guy feel guilty about something he did a really long time ago?

I forgot about it, to an extent, as much as you can forget about something a person did to you which ws unacceptable, but a while ago.

Interestingly HE remembers.


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  • He feels guilty about it cause now that his mind is clear and he thinks back to what he did, he knew he shouldn't have done it.

    • I thought he liked me or something. That would explain the long stares without looking away, it makes me so uncomfortable

    • Has he ever shown any other signs of liking you?

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  • i didn't know guys knew what guilt was...


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  • Because it's something that was a BIG DEAL to that person
    Something that drastically changed him or his life.
    A valuable memory, not a pleasant one, but valuable still


What Girls Said 2

  • He is Obviously still Feeling 'Guilty' and when you are with him, it is a constant Reminder and he has not yet moved on from it, can't completely forget about it And... Still beats himself up about it.
    He has not forgiven himself and he knows it was 'Unacceptable,' which is why this Guy... Feels guilty as sin.
    Good luck. xx

  • Sometimes this is their conscience's say of warning them not to behave badly. I once knew a girl who kept leading guys on and stealing her friends boyfriends. She wasn't super good looking but was very easy and hit on every single guy that she saw. I warned her cause she was younger then me and I think she felt bad about it from then on.