Why does my grandmother especially behave this way towards me?

My grandparents have always lived in another country to me. Therefore, years ago, phoning overseas would've been difficult, but not anymore with the technology.

Whenever I see my grandmother, which is a few times a year, she never asks about what I have been up to and still sort of treats me like a child even though I am now in my very early twenties. She speaks to my mother very often on the phone and they seem close, but never bothers to call myself or my brother, not too sure about the other grandchildren. She's always very polite to me though, which is confusing. Because her body language towards me, always seems irritated and not interested. And especially when they are together (my mother and grandmother) they will both very much cut me out of conversations etc.

I am currently on a big holiday with them, and I'm noticing it more. I understand my mother wants to have time with her parents as the years are flowing by past and times ticking. However, it really hurts to see my mother and her parents so engaged yet them acting like I'm almost not there.


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  • Talk to your mom about what you've noticed. Maybe she would help facilitate your having a better relationship with your grandmother.


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  • Maybe she did not approve of the man your mother married and is taking it out on the children or maybe she does not view you as family since she did not give birth to you. Be polite with her but fake polite. I am fake polite with most of my family as I hate them and I think they hate me too.


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  • you should tell them how it makes you feel.