Dream interpretation. Kind of strange, but could it mean anything?

There's this girl I know that I really like. I think she's perfect. Last night I had a dream about her. I was leading a bunch of people up a staircase. At the top, the lights turned on suddenly and I felt safe and for some reason understood that I was immortal. It was like a big dance floor. But it was basically heaven from what I understood. Some people stayed but others left down the stairs. Then I saw her walking away with the others. I ran and touched her shoulder and asked if I could talk to her. I was planning on saying what I've always wanted to tell her, and how much I think about her. Before I said anything she asked me to dance. So we did.
What could a dream like that mean, if anything


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  • Your finally gonna tell her how your feel...


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  • Lol bro, I personally think my dreams speak to me. You can look online for interpretations but at the end of the day only you can truly interpret what your brain is trying to tell you. Last night for example I had a dream about the girl I like moving away to Cali and I hugged her and told her something. I looked online and it said it either signifies me moving on or me making a move.