Why when a girl livestreams there is alway this kind if guy?

I recently joined this app called "YouNow". And I find it really fun, but one thing that pisses me off. Is in every livestream a girl is hosting, there always be a guy who constantly send messages to the person like they're having a real conversation. It's so annoying they will send a message after the girls say something. And try to be very slick with their messages like they're trying to get them in their pants.

Then, when anyone tries to send a message they'll automatically try to send more messages so the girl won't see their message. One guy said the girl is cute and those guys will call him desperate. It's like they trying to single out other dudes to make them seem superior. That's the only downside of the app. I wonder if anyone ever livestreams and seen those kind of guys (I think they're called fuckboys) like that.


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  • i hate those guys.


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  • Guys love giving gals online attention.


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