What do you say to a girl when you have nothing to talk about but want to talk to her?

Assume it's the early stages of dating and we've already talked a bit

Ask assume we haven't met in person yet
And assume we've only spoken via text


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  • girls really like talking about their lives, dreams, aspirations, hobbies, movies, music, daily schedule, food, weather, travel, school, work, pets, family


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  • It's not really what you say, it's how you say it that matters. Just start talking about random shit. Can even branch off a previous topic you talked about just before.

    • Assume we've only been speaking via text


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  • If you have nothing to say that early, I don't think that is a good sign... any girl I ask out and go on a date, if there is not natural chemistry and conversation, to me that means it is most likely more lust than anything...

    • Also assume we haven't gone on a date and met in person and only talk via text

    • Oh I see... hmm I don't like to text much, I just ask girls out on dates...

      Try some off the wall ones, not just what she does or what hobbies she has.

      Maybe like what super power she would like and really go into detail on why that one.

      Maybe what her favorite non pet animal is?

      I find the more uncommon the question, the better it is. girls get hit on so much today, you need to stick out and be interesting!

  • Give her an opportunity to talk about herself, but without turning it into a job interview. Maybe mention something she said earlier or even a few days ago. That shows that you pay attention.

  • Ask her a hypothetical question to keep her interested and don't be a basic guy who starts with regular questions like where do you work what do you do for fun etc. those can come later but first you have to create attraction