What do you think about that Sandra Bland scandal?

seriously, everything the police said about her commiting suicide didn't add up and i'm quite sure she was murdered in jail, i know a lot of racist police officers as well even here in germany and i've met a lot of racist police officers as well, what do you think about this? why do so many racists work as police officers? aren't they supposed to help?


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  • Many police officers aren't racist. It's just the ultra liberal black community that has been tricked in to thinking they are victimized by every living thing on this planet.

    • No, most police officers use their position for bad purposes since everyone is scared of the police you are not able to do much without going to jail, I had bad experience every officer was indirectly racist and mean, just one of them was kind and smiling the rest were cruel. I don't trust the police nor should anyone trust them, they protect us blablabla it's their job, they get money that's it.

    • to make a generalization that the majority of police officers are racist based on a few experiences that you had would be unfair.

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  • In 2006 the department of justice released a report stating that many white supremacist groups were infiltrating law enforcement. That's why so many racists work as police officers


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  • It's so obvious that they murdered her. They didn't even make a goo job of covering it up because they knew they would get away with it. The mugshot they took is one of her DEAD. If that isn't the most fucked up thing ever then I don't know what is.

  • couldn't care less.


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