If you were advising a person who's moving to Germany how to blend in - what would the advice be?

Most helpful - if Germans actually responded to this.


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  • Practice drinking schnaps and enjoying to eat pigs legs haha (most non-Germans, like me, dislike it since it's so fat :-( ).
    However, I've visited Germany on many occasions, and there's nothing to be afraid of. Just be nice to the people and you'll feel welcome. And the advantage of a Western European country is: you have all the facilities available. Not to much to worry about :D
    Oh and Belgium is not that far so who knows, we may one day drink coffee together 8) 8)


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  • You'll stick out like a sore thumb.

    Although it's common practice in Europe not to wear sneakers or tennis shoes unless at the gym and pretty much just dress nicely.

    • I'm from Europe... so I know all this... But specific to Germany - I'm looking for specific advice for that country.

    • Ok well I don't know. It would common sense to tell us where you are from. Not to mention because this site is predominantly American my guess was not far out of line.

      I was born in Rotterdam and my family visited Germany but living there is a different thing. Most European countries are alike in a majority of ways. At least in that area where they have all mingled with each other quite a bit...

  • I grew up in America, but as a child I live in Germany for a few years. In my experience I didn't really need to do a lot of blending in. Lots of Germans speak English and they seem to be all together tolerant of Americans as longs as we respects certain cultural values.

  • Germans are in my experience very nice people and so I think you will be fine there


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