How well can you tolerate ignorance? How do you do it?

I'm having a real problem staying calm when I'm faced with absolute fucking idiots spewing cowshit straight from their ass. Tbh, I'm thinking of leaving gag, just idiots everywhere and I'm losing my head with it. I just don't understand how some people are so stupid, and are able to live a normal life. They must have severe brain deformities or something. Makes me want to bang my head off shit. Now I understand why people hate my generation, because they have to deal with gits like that. I admit to being wrong some times but this is a whole new level that I just can't deal with otherwise I'll become more cynical and prejudiced toward certain groups. I try not to let it get to me but I'm really irritable so it's easier said than done. I'm just gonna let people be fucking idiots so that they learn for themselves when they need to, it's not like these people actually listen when provided with solid evidence. So, whether I try to inform them or not, they will remain ignorant.

  • I'm just as good as you at tolerating it.
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  • I'm one of those ignorant fucks that you speak of. :)
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  • I think leaving is a good idea, GaG is a cesspool of fucknuggets.
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  • I feel the same way you do, it gets over whelming at times. I've only been here for a few months and I already don't come near as often as I did at first.

    People are so biased, hateful and just plain ignorant, a lot of them come here just to argue and have their mind made up before they even ask a question. That's just the way it is here.

    Just don't spend as much time here or try to ignore some of them, I know it's difficult though lol

    Also this site has some amazing people as well, it's not all bad.

    • I try to not spend a much time here but this is the site I procrastinate at, so it's easier said than done :/ Still, I'm going to try my best before I pop a vein or something, thanks for the advice

    • lol it's understandable. I should take my own advice sometimes too. I'll promise myself, today i'm just going to have fun on the site and skip over all of the dumb questions. Then I log in and see something so incredibility stupid that I just HAVE to comment on it and then an argument ensues. Then I do it all over again the next day, like a derp haha

    • Thank you

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  • GaG is a cesspool of fucknuggets, hence why I stick around.

    I find the brewing idiocy to be rather entertaining. : D

  • I mainly just laugh at them. It's hilarious how some people can have such a warped sense of reality. Don't try to convince them out of their ignorance, most of them won't listen and it will do nothing but frustrate you.

  • I think everyone can be ignorant at times, since no one knows everything. It's just the people who refuse knowledge that's right infront of them which makes them annoying so I understand. Therefore I don't think it's a good idea to leave g@g for that reason, we all had our fair share of assholes, I get blocked/cussed just for having a different opinion. Your always going to find them on the Internet. This guy recently told me not to say anything at all and called me a bitch because I didn't know about his country Georgia and got it confused with the state.

    • It's really your descision. I don't know if the fact that it happens to others will help you but the least you can do is ignore people, they can't physically harm you since it's the Internet.

    • Yeah, I'm going with the ignoring method, well I'll try at least lol. I'll see if cutting down on the time I spend here helps too. Thanks.

  • You gotta make youself laugh
    Accommodate yourself


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  • whoa bro... don't leave coz of this... just don't read those questions if they make u bang yer head against a walll...

    personally although i'm patient most of da time... some people here managed to pissed me off a little bit, after makin me xplain da same thing 10 times!!

    but anyway i tried not to say "fuck off"... but be nice instead... some people might have readin difficulties though keep in mind

    u can check my question here as well, where i xplain things better:

  • I met those all my life, never insulted them, never got violent, nor got an ulcer.

  • You know how it is... it's not the generation that is the problem. The problem was always and already there. People inherit their capability of intelligence from their parents. With social media and other platforms that allow people to anonymously share their views, both the illiterate and the ignorant also runs rampant. This is society at large.

    It's honestly the reason that proves to me that those who are smart enough to not want kids, should have ALL the kids.

  • It doesn't really bother me. Knowledge is power, so if others are ignorant, all the more power for me.

  • Yeah I have a low tolerance for the ultra liberal...

  • If you have learned nothing else you have learned that. People use reason to justify believing what they want to believe.

    I think it was Confucius who said the difference between a wise man and a fool is if they talk for an hour together the wise man will learn something from the fool.