Do you generally believe people who say they were fired for no reason?

Do you believe people when they say they were fired for no reason? Is there a performance related reason?

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  • I always suspect bullshit from those that claim they were fired "for no reason".

    Unless these was downsizing in the company, there's no such thing as being fired for no reason. And even then, you'd be made redundant, which is entirely different from being fired.

    Fired = let go for constant underperformance and/or gross misconduct.

    People get fired for sucking at their job one way or another. For example, if your results are great, but you're consistently late for work every day of the week - you are getting sacked. If you're always on time and you "try your best", but your results are shite - you're getting fired.

    Colleagues of mine got fired for all sorts of shit they shouldn't have be doing, then they ventured on Facebook to whine about how the world is "unfair" and how they're "now a stronger person".

    Fuck off, do what you're paid to do and maybe you won't get the boot next time.

    Lazy fucking pricks.


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  • Well, I did get fired today and even though, I believe that I started to get better. I only worked for 4 days and they kicked me out.

    How can someone become good at their job in just few days? Even the guy have lied to me because when I got the job he said he won't fire based on performance... he said he'll fire people if they stolen, hit someone, coming unmotivated, and not showing up and I did none of that.

    I never stolen... hit anyone... always coming ON TIME... and ALWAYS showing up! So, what the hell?

    • Did you start along other people by chance?

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    • Does this happen to you often?

    • Maybe they decided that your hiring wasn't as necessary as they thought. Perhaps they integrated your job into the routine of other employees?

  • First job out of college I felt set up. Dudes were talking like they were in by the licker room the first week then a major boss shows up out of the blue doesn't like a joke I crack had I know he wasn't just one of the crew I would have kept my mouth shut. Two weeks later im canned. My fault sure bit everybody there should have been fired

  • No, usually those people were dumb, had bad work ethic or just couldn't do the job.

    I think very rarely people get fired because they can't afford that person, or they were asking waaaay too much of you for the salary anyway. But it does happen.

  • They are akin to the people who always, no matter what, after a break up say:

    "He/she was sSooOOoOoo crazy."

    So, no.

  • People get fired for prejudice or sexism on a regular basis. If you look at the statistics of how much less money women make then men it's more than likely they get fired for no reason. Same thing goes for someone of a different ethnicity.

  • The main reason these days is cutting costs.

    • So if a person has only worked at a job for a week, they were fired because the manager decided to cut costs all of a sudden?

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    • That's a possibility: I don't know the guy.

    • It's a generality but thank you.

  • I wouldn't say for no reason, but the reason might not be directly related to them. I know one woman at work who got fired so that the big boss could make a point to her manager.

  • I used to...

    • I never have. It's always them. Especially when they're teenagers.

    • I might give some particular individuals the benefit of the doubt... but I'm getting a little callouse even then...

  • There's always a reason for any action. I think you're talking about justified firings.

    • I recently had a coworker who told me he was fired for no reason within a week of starting both of the jobs he had ever gotten. I'm sorry, there was very clearly a reason - he was incompetent.

  • yes the employer doesn't have to have a reason and can fire you at any time.


What Girls Said 5

  • No, there's always a reason.

    I think what people mean when they say that is,
    They were fired over the most ridiculous thing.
    It didn't even have to reach that extreme.

    When I was 18 years old...
    I went to my job every single day for a whole year.
    I called out of work one day.
    I was fired from my job.
    I had a prick supervisor who spoke down to every one.
    Every one was pretty much scared of him.

    I would say, "I was fired for no reason."
    Because in my mind I was.
    I was treated unfairly.

  • Depends on who it is. Are they a generally trustworthy person? Then yes. Is it just a random person? Then no. Does their story seem logical? Maybe so. Does the story seem fishy? There is generally a reason it smells.

  • If they were fired for no reason they'd be sueing😂

  • If I know the employer, then I might believe them.

  • Of course not