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Hi! I'm just wondering what a good living wage would be (annually)? I'm looking to move out and I'm on an apprenticeship at the moment. I don't want to live off benefits or anything however I am aware that I might have to initially. I thought maybe a 12,000 yearly wage would be enough however I'm not too sure it would be because of tax being taken off. This is all quite new to me and I'm hoping to just get some advice please! Absolutely anything about benefits/wages and such would be appreciated. Thank you :)


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  • $20/hour is essentially survival minimum wage if you are not in a family to share expenses with. That's $800/week pre-tax, so figure about $500 post-tax. You have to expect that an apartment will cost at minimum $800/month, but less if you share. This excludes utilities which can easily run another $200-$500/month depending on a variety of factors (where you live, type of heat or air conditioning, land line phone, ADT, etc.) You may need infrastructure - such as buying a bed, maybe a TV or radio, cookware, etc. Throw in $600/month for food. I could go on and on. If you want to live alone and on your own, you will need a job that is at least $20/hour. If you live in a place like Manhattan, don't even bother unless it's $40/hour...

    • Oh, take the hourly wage and multiply by 2080 to get yearly wage. To make the numbers easy, use 2000. So, $20/hour is $40000/year.


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  • so do u have any job in mind dat u wanna do? i mean those jobs u can actually do atm... but anyway i guess 12k would be really good if u've never worked again

  • All depends where you live - 12,000 seems low - That would be rent in my city.

  • That depends on where you live: in NYC, CA or Hawaii you can't live on a small town Missouri budget.

    • I live in a small town in Missouri and would need $40,000 to survive because gas (while cheap) is needed to drive the 20 miles round trip to the market (not supermarket).

    • Try looking up rents and property prices in NYC, CA or Hawaii.

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