If a guy takes all these fancy holidays in Paris, London, etc?

And then takes his girlfriend to Mexico for their vacation together.

Is he cheap/selfish?


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  • It might mean he is not sure how he feels about the woman yet. I know a very rich guy who used to take his girlfriend to places like disney land and cuba when they first started dating. Now that they are married he takes her to places like Antartica, Argentina and Switzerland. Some guys aren't nice or generous straight off the back - they expect you to prove you can be trusted.

    • Wait the guy pays for these vacations? I thought the girl and guy likely split the bill

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    • Do most guys foot the bill?

    • Not usually but some of them do - if they think the girl is out of their league or feel they have more than the other person. When I vacation with my parents - I pay about 5-10% of the cost of our collective vacation while my parents pay 90 - 95% of the vacation cost.


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  • I wouldn't think that he was cheap or selfish. I'd just be grateful that he was taking me away for a holiday at all. Besides, Mexico's pretty nice too.

  • Wow, I'd jut be happy that someone else was paying for me to travel.

    • The thing is... it shows how he keeps differences in his own standards and those with his girlfriend

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    • I'm not the girl in question

    • Okay the statement still stands though

  • Maybe he likes Mexico...