What's with all these people getting pissed off about removing the Confederate flag?

I understand that not everyone who waves a confederate flag is a racist, I get it. Some people who are raised in the South just have a lot of pride in where they grew up and the confederate flag is just a bit of a "symbol" of the South. But you have to remember that flag was created for literally no other reason than to break away from the US and create a country that openly allowed the practice of slavery. That is LITERALLY the ONLY reason that flag was created. Does that not strike you as a problem? That is literally no different than some German guy waving a Nazi flag on his front lawn.


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  • It was always controversial but once people saw that little bastard that shot up that church with it, it became more controversial


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  • Your understanding of the causes of the Civil War is seriously deficient. You sound like you are regurgitating what was fed to you from the revisionist history books used at the government youth indoctrination centers. Go look at original documents. Here are a few clues at what you will find:

    1. In 1858, Lincoln stated he was not interested in abolishing slavery, white people were superior, and if slaves were freed, they should be returned to Liberia.

    2. Many people in the South opposed slavery; many people in the North favored slavery.

    3. Congress was controlled by the Northern states. High tariffs on the export effectively prevented the South from selling cotton in foreign markets. That forced the South to sell cotton to Northern industries at substantially reduced prices and those industries, in turn, sold their manufactured goods at extremely competitive prices in the foreign markets.

    4. When the Southern states seceded, each state adopted a new state constitution. Each state continued the ban on the importation of new slaves.

    5. The war began in April, 1861. The Emancipation Proclamation was not signed until January 1, 1863.

    6. Although slavery was unpopular in England, the English supplied war materials to the South in exchange for cotton. Once Lincoln realized the war was not going well, he signed the Proclamation to convert the war into a war about slavery so that the English would stop supplying the South.

    7. The Emancipation did not create a blanket prohibition against slavery. It prohibited slavery only in those parts of the South that were not then under Union control. It did not free slaves in the remainder of the US.

    For thousands of years, there have been historians (such as Titus Livy) who believe that history should be told in a way that promotes the self-image of a nation, rather than with the utmost regard for the truth. The telling of the history of the Civil War is one of those tings which has been embellished and modified to suit the agenda of the person telling the history.

    I assume that this is inconsistent with what you have been taught. I do not ask that you rely on my explanation. Go examine the original documents. Read the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858. Read newspaper stories from the years leading up to the war. Read the Emancipation Proclamation. Read the Southern states' constitutions adopted in 1861. Teach yourself the truth and you will understand why proud Southerners are tired of having our history distorted!


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  • I could understand why people would want to keep the flag but if quite a percentage of the population wants it off, i say take it off and lets just prevent a scene. Although the flag doesn't really represent anything kind, it's a part of history and should be placed in a museum or something

    • Just imagine if 5 states broke off called like "The federated union of America" and they made a new flag and they broke away because they hated the fact that women had equality. We fought a war and regained these 5 states and added them back into our territory. Could you not see there being a problem with people waving that flag solely because they grew up in states that were once part of that country?

  • The flag is a part of our history and our heritage. You guys just see it as a piece of cloth, but it's not just a piece of cloth, it's a symbol of our home!

    • It's also a symbol of a pro-slavery nation that broke away from the United States (which is treason)

  • It was a little more than just slavery. They thought that issues like slavery should be a voted on within the state and that the government was overstepping their power. They thought it was getting too powerful and wanted to start the confederacy as a place that solely supported states rights. I'm against slavery but u need to be educated on the topic

    • I am educated on the topic. The catalyst of the secession from the union was the fact that all of the New states that were being annexed into the union were "Free States" by default. TheSouth thrived on slavery. It's entire economy was based around agriculture which was fueled by slave labor. As soon as slavery was abolished, the economy of the South crashed for decades and even to this day, the north is significantly more developed and wealthy than the south.

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  • First off, you say yourself that this flag is a bit of a symbol of the South and that people there have a lot of pride about it (even black people. Yes I said it).
    And that is exactly the reason they ban it. Because a Nation can't survive without its symbols and traditions. And I am not talking just about the South right now. This is something that happens all over Europe too.
    Second off, if you believe that this flag was created for the practice of slavery ONLY and that the civil war happened for the practice of slavery ONLY, then you still have much to learn.

    • The flag and the war were not created for slavery only. What the fuck are they teaching in school now? Slaves were actually treated better than when they were freed. They were treated as badly by northerners as anyone. Read a history book before you open your mouth

    • Sorry I misread your piece

    • No worries.

  • I agree with you. As for the answer to your question, it's cultural relativism and hatred of the good for being the good. The southern US has always worshipped the mediocrity of an impoverished, agrarian society, and the political correctness of the twentieth century has ironically added to that mood.

  • Yeah. If you stop watching the news for a month all of these "controversies" seem so very petty. It's a fucking flag, who cares what people do with it. There shouldn't be any law about it.

  • You are so full of shit. The flag was not created for that reason. That is the battle flag, not the true Confederate states flag. Also the war as not fought for the reason of slavery. Nazism is in no comparison to the Confederate states. I suggest you learn before you preach

  • Nah. Everyone who waves a Confederate flag or supports it are racists. Many are open about themselves being racist while majority are closet racists. They say heritage? What heritage? Standing up against USA and fighting for slavery? Well fuck your heritage. Confederacy is probably just as bad as Nazi flag.