What do you really think about Turks and/or the Ottoman Empire?

Today I was thinking about police brutality and started thinking about whether I was white or not as a Turkish person. Then I realized we don't really have an impression on Americans. People would oppress you because you're Muslim -which I'm not-, but probably not even know about Turkey.

The places we'll face racism can be A) Places like Germany where a lot of low-class Turks who ruin our image live or B) Places like the Balkans where the Ottomans colonized or C) generally racist countries like Russia. We could've been hated but never dehumanized like black people. We held the power. Maybe that's why today's Turks are so arrogant.

I don't know what my point is, just wanted to share. Personally, I think today's Turkish population are racist, fascist, intolerant, ignorant & EXTREMELY arrogant among other things. I'm not saying those to make them look bad, they actually are. But I don't get along with them.

They have basically no respect for the freedom of speech when it comes to their little values. Say Ataturk could've been gay/ethnically mixed/atheist on Turkish GaG and insults start pouring in, even uglier when you're female. Criticize Turks and you're kicked out of the site. No question criticizing them lasts longer than 10 min without being deleted. Criticizing Islam? Drawing Mohammed? Armenian Genocide? Don't you fucking dare.

Aww, the angry little guy blocked me. Bye Felicia!


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  • Early Ottoman Empire? Coolest stuff. Old Ottoman Empire? Up there with Soviet Russia on most ruthless empires.
    Turkey as a modern day nation? Needs to get over themselves and recognize the Armenian Genocide.
    Though to be fair, seems like every other Western country pussyfoots about that issue because of NATO alliances.

    • Couldn't agree more

    • Though I will say, the last time we saw any amount of extended peace in the Middle East was during the reign of the Ottomans. Not condoning their actions, but you have to admit that. That's more a shot at the British, considering that they fucked up the area when straight up lying to the Arabs and then carving up the Middle East for themselves.

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  • I usually think of the one million dead kurds tht were murdered after ww1


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  • The Turks are alright nice people.

    But feel their radical, thick skulled, muslim president and leaders are a bunch of mega douches.

    Oh and they are contributing to the fall of the Middle East and the rise of radical Islam.

  • I don't really think about it.

  • Othman empire like every ruling power in the world it had its time when it was good and it's time when it was bad

  • Yeah guys you are reading lies of a girl that has a crisis of identity. I think you shouldn't regard..

    • Thank you for proving my point.

    • Your claims which dont contain any proofs dont prove that you have a mental problem and a crisis of identity but my comment proves your fucking shits? Yeah you are so clever. Go on.

  • I think it's amazing there was once an empire ruled by otters.


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