Is their a big gap in maturity from 18 to 21 year olds?

I'm not mature by any means I party a lot and get a little to drunk at times like a lot of people the age of 21. I see so many kids from HS that are only 18 in bars cause they use fakes and they talk to me like we were friends in HS. I was an athlete so everyone knew me and talking to them makes me want to punch a whole in the wall. I see them as little kids who can't hold their booze well and brag about how drunk they are. I leave bars sometimes cause people who are only 2-3 years younger act so juvenile.


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  • Yes, it's the area where some left school still thinking that they're in school and some have acquired jobs and are more mature.


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  • No, not at all.

    When I was 21 I had a bit of 18 year old friends and we all looked the same age, and communicated the same way.

    You remember h. s like it was yesterday.
    So you all have a lot incommon.

  • Depends on the person. You get mature 21 year olds but you get mature 18 year olds too.


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  • I believe that is very much a matter of individuality. First of all: how do you define maturity? If maturity means not partying, than I have already been mature at age 15 because I've never been much of a party person.
    But to be more serious, I really think it matters what kind of person you are. I believe I was already mature when I was around 17. I didn't do a lot of silly things anymore and I was very much concerned with adult-stuff (being good at school, getting a good job, finding a girlfriend to settle down with etc). My brother sometimes teasingly said that I act as though I was already 40. I also remember that I reflected quite a lot on my own behavior and my way of thinking about things. I have always been very interested in learning new things and I can be sort of perfectionist, so I wanted to get stuff right. For example I didn't know much about love or relationships yet, but when I got a new girlfriend, I still tried to do everything right. I tried to discuss things with her, so we are on the same page, I tried to come up with good relationship agreements, I forced myself to be open for compromises, I tried to accommodate to her needs... stuff like that. I was doing things that usually people do after 15 years of marriage ;-).
    As far as I remember, I didn't change much in the years until I turned 21. I guess my maturity got a little stronger but I had already been mature, so yeah. The only thing that has changed again - but this happened only after I was 21 - is that I have become more easy going about things. I care less about other people having bad opinions about me. I feel less worried about people thinking I'm a weird person. But apart from that... thinking back, I think I was already quite similar at the age of 17 as I am now at the age of almost 27. I think MY personal phase of becoming very mature happened around 14/15. This is when I really started thinking about a lot of important stuff in life and I became more serious. There's also some personal reasons for this.
    However, for other people it might be vastly different. I know a guy who still parties like crazy and gets totally wasted every weekend at age 35. My own dad (at age 55) goes to parties and nightclubs way more often than I do (he doesn't get wasted anymore though ;-)). People have vastly different outlooks on life, so naturally they also mature at a different pace.

  • In a bar always keep to yourself or with friends then you avoid idiots

  • It depends on the person, but I don't think that there's such a big maturity gap.

    • It's just annoying to me cause I feel to old to go to certain bars due to the fact theirs underages there. I was never an underage who used to go to bars cause I waited until 21.

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    • Well there the difference if its legal people will not treat it as breaking the law and being cool. For you but would be seeing a 16 year old in a bar.

    • Got it, it makes sense. Well, here we face the same problem too, underage people go to bars sometimes, despite it's illegal to sell them alcohoolic drinks. I never cared for that actually because I always faced it as not being my business, but what you say about being cool and you feeling bothered about it because you did the right thing and waited really makes sense and is reasonable. You're not wrong at all, but I don't think it has to do very much with more or less maturity.