Why don't people like Elves?

WHy is it that almost every person I know or talk to not like Elves? They either like Dwarves or Orcs instead.
I mean all Elves. World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings, Dungons and Dragons, Fantasy, etc.
I think they are awseome because they are immortal or have a extreamily long life span. They are tall and slender but strong. Their armour designs are just so cool looking. Plus their life and romances are just so appealing.
I know why some people like Dwarves and Orc because they are like bruts and kill all and can bash everything.
That just does not appeal to me.
Can someone explain please.
Also if you have a very nice pic of Elves for an example please post.
Here is one for the start.
Why don't people like Elves?


Most Helpful Girl

  • They have a disgusting sense of superiority, a lack of empathy for any other beings and a real condescending attitude.

    • I see were you are coming from.
      Is that the only reason though why some people don't like them.
      It just sounds kind of petty to me.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Elves are cool mang. Massive crush on Merrill right here.


    The D&D and Dragon Age Elves (excluding the immortal ones) were pretty swell. The LotR and WoW ones can be dicks but damn the LotR can rek kids. They never get explored as deeply as I'd like in any game.


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  • I like elves.. I don't like dwarves


What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe because they are too perfect? No flaws really? Kind of like how people love spiderman over Superman so much, even though Superman is clearly way more powerful, spiderman has flaws they can relate to.