How are people that get disfigured in accidents able to still move on?

This is something no one should ever have to undergo. But to be honest, I would end up committing suicide if I were disfigured after a horrible accident (esp by fire).

I would find no point in continue living. Only exception would be if surgery got better to the point of making me look close to normality; such as Katie Piper on her most recent pictures. Otherwise, if I'm going to forever be horribly scarred for life I would end it right there.

I've always wondered how are those individuals able to accept what happened to them and not throw in the towel like I would, esp when it was serious scars that no amount of surgery could fix it.


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  • Katie Piper was lucky to have received a first of its kind surgery and she still looks beautiful.

    On the other hand, Jacqueline Saburido's life was destroyed by a piece of shit drunk driver. The pain she endured in having majority of her skin burned is unbelievable, if you look at how she looks today.

    I honestly don't know how she carries on with life looking like an 100 year old war veteran zombie cadaver at only 36.

    I'd be permanently depressed, but I still wouldn't want to kill myself.

    • Yeah I've heard about that case. I was surprised she was still able to forgive the then 18 year-old HS drunk driver that destroyed her life and in court said she didn't hate him. I would be hating him forever. She was such a beautiful Venezuelan girl that all she wanted was to make a better living in the US and her life got snatched like that.

    • I could never forgive that worthless scumbag. It wasn't an unfortunate accident caused by car malfunction or slippery road or anything, it was DRUNK DRIVING. The asshole deliberately got into a car while pissed, so he does not deserve forgiveness. If that was me, I'd picket for life in prison to death sentence, to be completely honest.

      As I said, if it was unfortunate circumstances, then I could forgive. But drunk driving ruining my life - I'd see to it that asswipe was rotting in hell. He definitely didn't get enough of a sentence for what he has done.

      She was gorgeous before the accident and so humble after all the pain that selfish asshole put her through. :(


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  • Gosh, I hope I don't come off as overly critical here, but do you really have such an external locus of identity that you'd actually want to die?

    At the risk of sounding presumptuous, I don't really believe you. You have no idea what you *really* might think or feel if something so dramatic were to happen to you. People suffer tragedies all the time and find an inner well of strength that they never even knew existed--maybe that would happen to you, too?

    • I hope not. I could deal with many things (a break-up, getting fired for my profession, losing someone close to me, etc) but life-term disfigurement.

    • I really believe that you, as well as many others, are so much stronger than you think you are. The will to survive can be an incredible force.

  • cause they are strong

    • True. They're more stronger than I would be. I would already consider this a death sentence for me.

  • there is more to life than looks

    • True but it would still suck big time.

    • Sure, but life can suck in many ways and you just deal with it and overcome it. You never allow yourself to be beaten

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  • I think I could live with burn scars, but if I were paralyzed I think I would end it after doing as much as I could with my life while paralyzed

  • I hate to say it because it sounds so shallow but I couldn't do it either...

  • When you are put in a certain situation, you just have to deal with it.

    It may look hard to you, but unless you are actually in that situation , you won't understand. :)