GAG'ers, what is something really adventurous you'd like to do in your life?

Okay let me start: I want to go to the moon... gonna build myself the Saturn 6 rocket to carry Apollo 18...
So who wants to climb Mount Everest?
Go to the bottom of the pacific in a sub?
Ride his or her bike around the world?
Who joins me to the moon?
Let those adventures come. It can be realistic or pure fantasy :D


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  • Bungee jumping
    Interrail through Europe
    learn kickboxing
    learn aerial dance
    dive in coral reefs in the carribean

    • Haha that's quite a wishlist :D
      I'd say: interrail through Europe towards that cruise ship to the Carribean that could be a good start :D

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    • Today the MH goes to Greece :D
      Hope you can eventually tick off all those boxes!

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What Girls Said 9

  • I would like to go scuba diving, quad biking/BMXing and travel the world. I may even jump out a plane. I've climbed a huge mountain before - never again. People have died climbing Mt Everest so I couldn't do that.

    • Haha maybe I can fly the plane you jump out of :D
      The world championship BMX'ing is just past us, you could have got yourself a medal there!
      And I guess that scuba diving takes some training and practice, do you have a diving license?

  • I wanna go on a road trip across all the countries I'm going to visit, and to travel the world.

    • Haha I'd say: start with the road trip as "practice"... the trip around the world will come later (or trips) :D

    • Ofc I'm not gonna travel the world all in one shot, I'm slowly ticking off countries one by one, many to go yet. Road trips requires good companionship, otherwise it won't be that good tho. :)

  • I want to go on a road trip.

  • Travel the world on my own, go bungee jumping, ... And go scuba diving

  • I would like to tour as much of Australia as possible by motorcycle.

    • Yeah all pics and images I've seen from Australia confirm that would be a dream holiday :D
      Let's hope your physical shape will one day allow you to get back on a motorbike for long trips without pain!

  • I wanna travel the world :D

    • Haha send us a post card from every nice venue :D

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    • yeah haha, defs gonna be worth it, and you better watch out... you might be on the list too :D haha

    • You'd be most welcome... I'll give you a free tour through my city and we can drink coffee or something else :D
      Come on, book that flight to Belgium!

  • I want to go sky diving!

    • I've made a freefall parachute jump once... took courage to jump into the hole but it was a kick, of course :D
      However I'm not that much into kicks so though it was interesting I wouldn't do it more than once... I prefer my wings & engine 8)

  • Finally buy my own little plane and fly around the world.

    • Oh wow, a fellow pilot? But one with great ambition :D

  • I want to sky dive!

    • I've made one parachute jump in my life... and though it takes courage to jump into that hole it was an adventure indeed :D

What Guys Said 3

  • I have a few ideas:
    -Come down the Amazon river in a boat.
    -Sail a boat around the world, with 6 months or longer stopovers in all continents, in several countries in each.
    On a calmer level:
    -Just go to the airport with a backpack, ask at every operator's counter if they have places left at ultra low price (they always have some) compare the offers and get away to the most tempting.
    I'll probably have to pay a full price ticket to get back home later, of course. :-p

    -Hire an empty van, throw a mattress, water and food in the back and take off in the direction that pleases me that day, sleeping in the van.

    -Get for a long vacation in B&B in some (to me) completely unknown country and live there with the people, taking their customs.

    • Oh wow! Try to complete that list in the rest of your life Jacques :D
      Hiring the van should not be a problem... what are you waiting for?

  • I want to white water raft the Grand Canyon.

    • Oh wow! Is that dangerous?
      I'd love to fly through the Grand Canyon... quite turbulent but I can take some beatings :D

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    • I've been three daylong trips and have gone over quite a few class V rapids, so I have a decent handle on it by now. :)

      And yeah, I grew up around water so my swimming skills are pretty good. I'm not about to challenge Michael Phelps or anything, but I keep my head above water pretty well. LOL

    • Sounds nice Dodgers... you seem to be close to putting the plan in practice :D

  • I've climbed Mount Everest...

    • Oh wow! Only very few can say that :D
      Was it recently?

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    • Our future generation is gonna be very unhealthy...😱