I will take all the blame, I messed up our friendship?

I always had a huge crush on my guyfriend from the first time I saw him, but I would play hard to get and he would too. We both played games. But than he started to get closer to me. He told me that he wants something real and he started making future plans with me. But I would pretend like I didn't like him. And he knew I like him also, so he would hug me for a long time, hold my hand, and he kissed me. When we kissed I knew I loved him but it kinda scared me. I got mad at him about something he did and I brought up the kiss and how I regret it and that I dont like him. The next day I wanted to say sorry, so I called him and his phone says unavailable. Its been 6 months and im worried because I dont know if he's ok, I love him so much, I can't get him out of my head. He knows I like him, so why is he ignoring me?


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  • Why is be ignoring you?
    You explaining.
    You probably broke his heart too.
    He could see a future with you and in one second you smashed it.

    Even if you were to speak how could he believe your feelings for him are real?
    You "so-called" lied to him that they were and then said they weren't.
    It may take time for him to trust you.

    You don't treat people you care about that way.
    You also don't play games with them either.
    You both are adults , there's nothing wrong with being real and straight forward with eachother.

    Do you know where he lives? If so , write him a letter and leave a note.
    Do you know his social media info?
    Contact him through there explaining your self.

    You can't take back the past but let this be a lesson learned of not what to do in the future.


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  • You said, "I brought up the kiss and how I regret it and that I dont like him. "

    He's not thinking you like him. He took you at your word.

  • He was never a friend. His intentions were clear, based on your description, and you were confused and confused him along the way. He probably gave up and moved on. It isn't a ruined friendship, it is more like a missed opportunity for a potential relationship.

  • Because you hurt him. You pushed him away so he pushed back. There has to be a way to contact him. Maybe Facebook or something. Just tell him your sorry about what happened and you would like to try to fix things. Probably don't say you love him right away. Just fox the friendship and go from there.

  • You fucked up.

  • because you showed him that you didn't like him. perhaps he grew up as well


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